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English: Images of laterites, bauxites and lateritization. Laterite (called đá ong in Vietnam) in Sơn Tây, Hà Nội, Việt Nam. ... Microscopic photo

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STRUCTURE AND ZONING: Mature laterites. Au mineralization may be localized in the laterite or displaced at depth into the underlying saprolite;

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Laterite is within the scope of WikiProject Soil, which collaborates on Soil and related articles on Wikipedia. If you would like to participat

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Laterite is a layer of soil that contains aluminum and iron oxide minerals like hematite and goethite This type of soil is found in tropical regions, and i

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Laterite, soil layer that is rich in iron oxide and derived from a wide variety of rocks weathering under strongly oxidizing and leaching condit

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Laterite is an iron-rich, sub-aerial, weathering product, commonly considered to evolve as a result of intense, in situ substrate alteration under tropica

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