bazalt and degtyarev plant

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Jun 06, 2019· Originally the RPG-7 and its predecessor, the RPG-2, were designed by the Soviet Union; it is now manufactured by the Russian

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Bazalt: Designed: 1958: Manufacturer: Bazalt an Degtyarev plant (Roushie Federation) Produced: 1958–present: No. biggit: 9,000,000+ Variants

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Bazalt ( : Degtyarev plant ) : 1990: ; : 10 (22) : 820 (32) : 11 (4.3) : 275 (10.8)

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Open Joint Stock Company "V.A.Degtyarev Plant" is one of the largest enterprises of Russia and the largest enterprise of Vladimir region. Founded in Kovrov i

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The DP-64 Nepryadva is a Russian special-purpose double-barreled over/under grenade launcher designed to protect surfaced submarines, ships, do


Bazalt and Degtyarev plant (Russian Federation) Produced: June 1961 – present: Number built: 9,000,000+ it is now manufactured by the Russian

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