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Lithium-ion Separators - Entek

ENTEK Lithium-Ion Separators is a leading producer of polyethylene separators used in lithium primary and secondary batteries, with end uses ranging from

Dreamweaver Battery Separators

Dreamweaver separators, inherently porous and thermally stable, provide increased safety for a cell and also increase the ionic conductivity of th

C-Thru Separator

Revolutionary, patent pending coalescer technology. C-Thru Separator > Returning Customers click here to log in.

Separator Technology Solutions

Click links below for news articles : SA - Wineland Article - June 2015 : Aust, Wine & Viti Journal – May 2014 : Wine Industry Adviser - 10 January 2014

Separator (electricity) - Wikipedia

A separator is a permeable membrane placed between a battery's anode and cathode.The main function of a separator is to keep the two electrodes ap


Battelle's technology uses the battery separator as an optical waveguide. We insert light into one side of the separator and monitor the transmi

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