sanicubic pro


Der Sanicubic 2 Pro WP hat vier Einlässe, die mittlere Höhe der Einlässe beträgt 140 mm und wird über 50 mm Rohrleitungen abgeführt. Es ha

Sanicubic 1 -

The Sanicubic 1 can be retrofitted into an existing sewage ejector basin of at least 24" in diameter for a quick and easy pump exchange. As this is con

SaniFlo SaniCubic 1

The SaniFlo SaniCubic 1 grinder system made of stainless steel liquefies solids into small particles prior to being passed through the 1-1/2" di


The Sanicubic 2 Classic contains two separate, load balanced pumps with high... The Sanicubic 2 Pro is a high performance macerator pump for

SANICUBIC 1 - Sanitrit - SFA italia

Il Sanicubic 1 è una pompa maceratore robusta progettata per lo scarico di rifiuti da un massimo di due WCs e più apparecchiature per la produ

SANICUBIC 2 PRO - Pump Technology

The Sanicubic® 2 Pro is a high performance macerating pump for commercial use. Contains two separate, load balanced pumps with high performance macerati

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