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Kiln seals. is the leading supplier of Leaf type seals for Rotary kilns, Dryers and Coolers, has been successfully marketing the Superdeal® and Good

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install graphite seals on any kiln on-site around the world Learn more at Inlet seal The inlet graphite seal provides improved sealing efficien

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Inlet Seal (Rotary Kiln) ADVANTAGES 9 Perfect contact between rotating and fixed flange 9 Exact absorption of the three movements 9 5-ply membr

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Rotary Kiln Testing. Indirect Batch Rotary Kiln Testing, Batch Calciner Testing, Thermal Process Development. Knowing When its Time to Replace Your Rotary Drum


Precalcined raw meal is fed from the inlet chamber via the refractory lined cylindrical support shelf (tongue plate) into the kiln. The simultaneous

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