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Huruf حروف: ·(sistem SI) atto-, awalan untuk 10-18.··(biologi) nama salah satu golongan darah. (elektrik) simbol untuk ampere, unit arus elektrik.


Deutsch Das freie Wörterbuch 903 000+ Einträge. Bahasa Indonesia Kamus bebas 135 000+ entri. Português O dicionário livre 261 000+ entradas

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Aug 02, 2008· Some translations were in Wiktionary twice and some were actually wrong in the Bahasa indonesia article. And that is exactly the reason why I

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[1] Indonesischer Wikipedia-Artikel „bahasa" [1] Erich-Dieter Krause: Großes Wörterbuch Deutsch-Indonesisch. 1. Auflage. Helmut Buske Verlag, H

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Laman-laman dalam kategori "Bahasa Indonesia" Yang berikut ialah 200 daripada 676 buah laman dalam kategori ini. (laman sebelumnya) (laman berikutnya)

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Schlüssel (Deutsch): ·↑ Duden online „Schlüssel"· ↑ Digitales Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache „Schlüssel"· ↑ Lizzie Doron: Warum bist du

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Indonesian (bahasa Indonesia, [baˈ in.doˈne.sja]) is the official language of Indonesia.It is a standardised variety of Malay, an Austrones

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(transitive) To put into brisk or vigorous action; to move with life and vigor. 1986, Watchman Nee, The Life that Wins, page 75: Notwithstanding al

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Apr 27, 2020· Map of Indonesia. Etymology [ edit ] (late nineteenth century) Attested circa 1850, [1] composed of Ancient Greek Ἰνδός ( Ind

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Dec 19, 2019· Pronunciation: ·The twenty-second (22nd) letter of the alphabet. "v" comes after "u" and before "w"· This is the Roman numeral for fiv

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Kjo faqe është redaktuar për herë te fundit më 5 maj 2019, në orën 13:51. Teksti është i disponueshëm nën licensën Creative Commons Attribu

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Apr 24, 2017· Pronunciation: ·The twenty-third (23rd) letter of the alphabet. "w" comes after "v" and before "x"

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