gold alloy industry

Gold Smelting & Refining Process

Gold Alloys. The most known gold alloys are made with silver. The proportion between gold and silver changes the alloy color. In this way, there are

GOLD line - Legor

Low nickel release all-purpose master alloy for 585-750‰ (14-18 Kt) white gold. Nickel-safe alloy, rhodium 1.5% in the formulation ( compliance) Casti

Gold alloys - Legor

Alloys for the fashion industry . Copper based alloys. Brass; Bronze; Alpacas raw metals. TELL ME MORE Alloys for brazing and soldering . Gold brazing pas

Fretwire, gold "Evo" alloy, 4 feet

Evo gold fretwire is a copper alloy (elemental composition: CuSn15Fe1Ti0.1) that has been used for years in the optical industry. It contains no nickel and t

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